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W.B 27.04.20

Friday 1st May 2020




W.A.L.T Celebrate what makes us special.


Last week you created wonderful trophies for people that are special to you and you shared why they were special to you. This week we would like you to celebrate YOU and know why YOU are special! 


You might want to ask the people in your household what they think is most special about you. Us grown - ups in the group know that you are all very special and want you to understand just how special you are and celebrate being YOU!


Think about your: personality, skills, hobbies, family, friends, pets, interests, languages, beliefs, favourite things, belongings and anything else that is important to you.


Activity: Watch the Sesame Street clip below and then create your award. 

Wednesday 29th April 2020

W.A.L.T Build our own toy.


Hello Inventors!

Now that you have designed your own is time to make it! Use the PowerPoint Presentation below to support your ideas.

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Topic and DT


W.A.L.T Design a toy.


Calling all toy inventors!

You have been set the challenge of designing a new toy for someone of your age. 

Think about what your toy will look like...what can it do...what is it made from...who would like to play with it?


Activity - to design your very own toy for someone of your age. You can use the paper template below, use plain paper or even use the computer.


We are very excited about seeing your designs and wonderful ideas.


Note to parents - we would like the children to build their designs later on in the week (Thursday). They may want to use junk modelling so please hold on to this if they would like to! :) 

Monday 27th April 2020




W.A.L.T Recreate an image.


This is Dogger from the story 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes. Your task is to recreate your own picture of Dogger. This means that your picture of Dogger will look very similar to Shirley Hughes' picture but this time you are the artist.


You may want to use: colouring pencils, paint, crayons, chalk or even tea bags (please make sure a grown up helps you if you choose to use tea bags to create the colour of Dogger).


We look forward to seeing your lovely pictures of Dogger up on Purple Mash.