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W.B 27.04.20


W.A.L.T Demonstrate our understanding of finding a half by sorting shapes and problem solving.


Well done Year 1! The grown ups have been very impressed with your understanding of how to find a half of an object, shape and amount.


Today, we would like you to put all of this learning together and complete your choice of activity sheet below.

Remember to use the resources and learning from the whole week to help you (your photographs, part whole models and PowerPoint Presentation).





W.A.L.T Find half of an amount.


Today we will be continuing to find of different amounts. We have been very impressed with your understanding of how to find a half of a shape and number so far. 


Activity - Work through the PowerPoint presentation below on finding half of amounts. Some examples have been done to show you and there are also chances for you to have a go too. Once you have worked through the PowerPoint it is your turn to show your understanding by choosing one of the activities. To help you, count all the objects first then colour half. You could put this into a part-whole model if you find this easier.

Each worksheet also has a challenge for you to have a go at.


 Amounts within 12.


Amounts within 20.


Amounts within 20 and own examples.


W.A.L.T Identify half of amounts


You have been excellent at finding half of different shapes!


Today we are going to investigate whether we can find half of different amounts. Find something in your house that you have lots of, this could be marbles, bricks, farm animals, doll’s shoes, cars. If you don’t have any objects you can do this by drawing dots.

Find different amounts of these objects and then see if you can find half of that amount by sharing the objects between two groups. Remember that if you have found half the two groups will be equal, you need to have the same amount of objects in the two groups.


You could use a part-whole model like Miss Wakley has done in her example. When finding half think about the different numbers you are using. Remember, when you are finding half the groups must be equal (the same). When counting you must take turns and put a dot/ object on each circle (one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me etc).



Explore the numbers: 2, 6, 8, 10, 14 and 20.


Explore the numbers: 8, 10, 16, 20, 22 and 30.

 Explore the numbers: 10, 14, 24, 30, 32 and 50.


Challenge: What happens to the groups when you try to share these numbers: 3, 7 and 13? Why?


You may choose to record your work on the template below, draw your own on paper or take photos and upload to Purple Mash. 


W.A.L.T Identify half of a variety of shapes.


Today in maths we are exploring a variety of different shapes and finding out what they look like when they are in half. The grown ups were very impressed with your halving work yesterday and were very pleased to see that you could show that the 2 parts needed to be equal. When finding a half of a shape it is very important to make sure that the 2 parts are the same size again (equal).


Activity - to explore the shapes on the activity sheets and identify a half on each of the shapes. You might want to cut the shapes out first and fold them to find each half. You could then take a photo of your shapes and upload to Purple Mash.


Identify and colour in one half on each of the shapes. Challenge activity - can you draw the lines on the shape yourself to show half?


 Draw lines across the shapes on the sheet to show how you can half the shape. How many different ways can you find of halving the shape?



Some of these shapes have been split, sort them into those which have been split in half and those which are not in half. Remember that to have a half the two parts must be equal. Cut and stick the shapes into the table.








W.A.L.T Find a half of different objects


Watch Miss Wakley’s video on how to a find half of different objects. Can you find some objects around your house and split them in half? 


Remember that when you make a half you split and object into two equal parts, one of these parts is one half. Try to make sure that each half is equal (this means the same size).


You may want to take photos to upload to Purple Mash or draw pictures of the objects that you find a half of.


This is a maths many objects can you find? 


Find 4 objects around your home or garden.


Find 5 - 8 objects around your home or garden.


Find 10 objects around your home or garden.






Introduction to Finding Half of an Object

Still image for this video
Watch the video below to find out and explore how to find a half of different objects around your home.