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WB 27-04-20

Monday 27th April 2020


WALT: To write a formal letter of complaint


Independent Write


Your task today is to write your cold piece that will form the basis of the next couple of weeks of lessons.


You will need to independently write a letter of complaint which is written in a formal manner. Have a think about what you could complain about. It could be a complaint about a recent purchase, maybe you have bought something that was broken or didn't work like it was supposed to. You could write a complaint about a recent experience that perhaps you didn't enjoy or didn't turn out as it was advertised!

Use your imagination and think about the layout of a formal letter.


I will look forward to reading you cold pieces so I can see what I might need to teach you over the next 2 weeks!




Mr Higgs

I have uploaded a copy of the latest first news for you to read as I am sure there are some interesting articles that you will like. 

Tuesday 28th April 2020


WALT: analyse a formal letter of complaint


For today's lesson, you will need to read the WAGOLL that we will be using for our writing over the next 2 weeks. Please read the letter carefully first then look at the success criteria which shows all the features that should be included in a formal letter of complaint.

Use the success criteria to identify the features in the letter. You could either highlight the text if you can print it out or write the feature and the examples out on paper.


This is important so you can see what a letter should look like and how you will use these features to construct a letter over the next two weeks.


Tomorrow you will need to look back at yours and self mark it using the success criteria. 


Good luck identifying all of the features.


Mr Higgs 

Wednesday 29th April 2020


WALT: self mark our informal letter of complaint


Now that you have seen the WAGOOL and evaluated it. Your task today is to do the same with your cold piece. Remember to fill out the checklist in detail by adding the examples you have found in your letter.

I have uploaded Louie's from yesterday as he identified all of the features in the WAGOOL. This will help if you are unsure about anything. 

If you have not included one of the features then put a cross or a dot and that will be one of you next steps.


You can then complete the gap analysis sheet by using the self marking sheet. Write 3 features that you did well with examples then write 3 features you need to work on that were not included in your cold piece.

Next to these, write some examples to show that you could write these features. It maybe that you need to work on fronted adverbials so write some examples you could have written in your cold piece and will perhaps use in your hot piece.


This is an important task as you and the teachers will have a good idea what you need to learn and then we can teach you these over the next 2 weeks so please upload your work today.




Mr Higgs

Thursday 30th April 2020


WALT: explain the mean of new vocabulary


For today's lesson you need to identify any ambitious vocabulary from the WAGOOL or from your cold piece.


You will need to use the vocabulary sheet and place the words in the green, orange or red section (we have used these before).


Words in the green section will need to be put in a sentence to show you fully understand the meaning of the word.

You will then need to find the meaning to words that are in the orange and red sections so you know what they mean. You can then try writing them in a sentence.

Examples of these words might be:







Once you know the meaning of the words then you can use them when we rewrite your letters next week.




Mr Higgs 

Friday 1st May 2020


WALT: identify effective features in formal letters of complaint


Friday 1st May Instructions

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