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W.B. 22.06.20

Hi Year One!

This week you will be heading to Crabby Spit with Henry and Penny in the story ‘At the Beach’ by Roland Harvey.

Watch the YouTube video below to listen to the postcards that Henry and Penny spend and hear all about their exciting seaside holiday!




Complete the comprehension questions on the sheet below. You can listen to the story again to help you with your answers.


Choose one postcard from the story and draw a picture of what Henry and Penny did that day. You could use the illustrations in the book to help you. You could also add speech bubbles, thinking about what the characters might be saying.


Research one seaside town using the fact sheets below. You could write down any important information on a piece of paper or use a coloured pencil or highlighter to highlight it.


Using your research, design a postcard of the seaside town you have learnt about. What are the key features of the town that you would put on a postcard? Are there any landmarks that you could draw? There is a template for you to use if you would like to, or you can just draw this on paper.


Using your research, write a postcard to a friend or family member. Pretend that you have gone on holiday to the town you learnt about. There is a template below to help you if you would like to use it.

Here are some things to think about when you write your postcard:

  • Who is the postcard for?
  • What might you see in this town?
  • What might the weather be like?
  • What is there to do in the town?
  •  Has anything exciting happened?