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W.B 22.06.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown – Ups


This week in maths we will be exploring money. Take a look at the list of activities below and work through them in an order of your choice. As always we look forward to seeing all of your hard work uploaded to Purple Mash.


Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation below to help you identify the coins.


Watch this clip to begin your introduction to money and coins.


Money Game


Money Dance (making amounts)


Money Story



Coin Rubbings


Can you find the coins to match the amounts?

 Put the coins under the paper and use a crayon to colour over. Can you see the picture on the coin now on your paper?

Counting Coins


Add the coins together – how much money is there?

Oh no! The piggy banks are empty but shouldn’t be…can you draw the correct coins to make the amounts shown?

Colour and Match the Coins


Can you find the matching coin and colour it in correctly?


Ordering Amounts of Money


Can you order the coins and the notes along the ordering trail? Remember to think about pence and pounds. Which is bigger?

Mrs Underwood’s Shop


In Mrs Underwood’s shop she sells fruit. The customers like to buy different amounts of each fruit. Can you work out the total amounts that the customers need to give Mrs Underwood?


Can you recognise the notes? You will need to use your understanding of counting in 5s and 10s to help you.