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WB 22.02.21


This week we will be continuing our learning of numbers up to 50 and work on our times table skills. 

Number counting 1 to 50

Lesson 1

  • Count together up to 50
  • Complete the blank number square to 100 
  • Use this number square to help her work out one more and one less of a number. 

Lesson 2

  • Watch the comparing video
  • Write some numbers to 50 on a piece of paper. Get her to tell you which number is bigger and then draw the correct symbol. You could use the number square to help guide her to the answer. 

  • Complete the comparing numbers to 50 worksheet 

Comparing Numbers to 100 Song



Lesson 1: Reading

It is really important for her to be reading or read with everyday. Asking questions about what she has read with help with her understanding of what she is reading.

Regular reading will also help with her writing. 

  • Complete the reading comprehension worksheet independently 
  • One completed - go through it with an adult to check understanding. 

Lesson 2: writing a question

  • Watch the bbc bitsize video

  • Get her to ask you a question, given examples. 
  • Work through the worksheet.