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WB 20-4-20

Throughout this week we are going to be look at statistics and different ways that data can be presented and analysed. The revision powerpoint reminds you what the different charts are and how we understand the data.

Friday 24th April 


Yesterday was St George's day. Here is a maths mystery challenge linked to St George:


After his brave battle against the dragon, Saint George was invited by the king to join him at a celebratory banquet.
Unfortunately, on his way to the banquet, Saint George became lost and could not find his
way to the hall. When the guests realised that the guest of honour was missing, they set
about trying to find him.
Solve the problems and find which guest discovered the whereabouts of missing Saint George.


Good Luck!! 

Thursday 23rd April 


WALT: work out the mean from data 

Wednesday 22nd April 

WALT: Interpret and understand pie charts.



Tuesday 21st April 


WALT: interpret and draw line graphs.


Line graphs are used to show changes over time. Please look at the revision powerpoint if you are not sure about what a line graph is. Make sure you read it really carefully.


Monday 20th April 


WALT: interpret and draw pictographs and bar charts.


Today we are going to be looking at pictographs and bar charts. You should be fairly comfortable understanding and drawing these. The hot tasks do get quite challenging. Make sure you look at the charts/graphs really carefully.