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WB 20-04-2020

Tuesday 21st April 2020


WALT: understand why species variate.


This lesson will be a research-based lesson as pre-learning for our next science lesson on evolution. Below are some questions for you to research. Once you have researched the answers, you will need to write a paragraph explaining your findings. This can be hand written or typed.

  1. What are the reason for genetic differences?
  2. Why do we think that we differ from our siblings?
  3. How could genetic differences be used in the real world?
  4. Can you think of differences which would be effected by the environment?

Thursday 23rd April 2020

WALT: Understand the evolution of humans over time.


Activity 1
If possible, print off the matching cards activity and ask someone to reorder them for you to match (the document has the cards in the correct order). If not, then read through the order of the matching cards to gain an understanding of the timeline of evolution. Think about the developments that have happened over millions of years. 


Activity 2
Watch this video on Darwin’s theory.


Activity 3
Write a descriptive paragraph about how humans have evolved over time eg. shape of the skull, standing up-right, apposable thumbs etc. You can use the card matching game to help you.


Activity 4
Look at the picture of chimpanzee’s and think why people have evolved from them. Write a paragraph explaining why we might or might not have evolved from monkeys. Then write up and compare these similarities and differences between monkeys and humans.


What will humans look like in the future and why? Take into consideration technology, the lack of hunting for our food etc.