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w.b. 18.1.21

Friday 22nd January 2021

WALT: investigate the life cycle of flowering plants and seed dispersal


For your Science this week, we would like you to investigate the life cycle of flowering plants and seed dispersal.


As a starting point, work through and discuss the PowerPoint below. This will give you lots of information about the life cycle of flowers.

Once you have worked through the PowerPoint, please choose one of the following independent activities:


Mild – Can you use the ‘Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant’ sheet to order the different stages


Spicy & Hot – Can you produce your own PowerPoint or poster to show the life cycle of a flowering plant? Make sure you label it with key vocabulary and information about what is happening at each stage



Can you choose a method of dispersal. Can you think how you would act out that method? You may need to get siblings or adults at home to support you and be different parts e.g. birds, animals or seeds. Could you record a video of your seed dispersal method in action?

Alternatively, you could do a video explaining one of the methods of seed dispersal


Don’t forget to post your video and your work to Purple Mash.