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WB 18-05-20

Friday 22nd May 2020


It was great to see so many of you join me on Wednesday for our live lesson. Your work that you have produced has been brilliant.


Don't forget to upload a copy to purple mash so we can read it.


Your task today is to send it. You can either post it or if you prefer you can e mail it to the company. It is entirely up to you though as I want you to choose a method that you deem safe.


The Royal Mail have a click and drop page on the Royal Mail website:


It allows you to print off your postage and then go to a normal postbox (letters) or parcel drop box (parcels). This means you can avoid going to the post office. It is just another option.


Good luck, I hope you get it sent and hopefully get a reply. 





Tuesday 19th May 2020


WALT: analyse and improve our writing.


For today's lesson, use the self marking grid to analyse you HOT piece. Hopefully you will see a huge improvement from the grid you filled out when you did your COLD piece. 

When have finished self marking and you have written examples of the feature, then you will need to complete your next steps.


From looking at the writing yesterday, the main improvement will be fronted adverbials and formal language so make sure you edit your letter further to improve these features. Also remember the layout is extremely important. 


When uploading your work, share your self marking grids from both the COLD and the HOT piece so we can see the improvement.


I am looking forward to seeing you improvements.


Mr Higgs


Also, just a reminder that tomorrows English lesson will be live at 10.00am so remember to log on to my Falcons twitter page to access the lesson.


You will need some paper and a pen and it would help if you had the WAGOLL that we have used and all of your previous work on letter writing as the=is may come in use during the lesson.


Hopefully you will join me all tomorrow at 10.00am

Monday 18th May 2020


WALT: write a letter of complaint




Today's task is to re-write your cold piece. Remember your original complaint letter that was your COLD PIECE.


As this is your Hot task, think about how you can use all of the features we looked at whilst using the SLOW writing grids and use these to improve your original letter. You can use any resources you want as long as you you write it independently.


When you upload your work, please include the cold task as well so we can see the progress in your writing. Tomorrow you will be self assessing using the marking ladder.


Good luck, I look forward to seeing all of your improved letters!


Mr Higgs