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W.B 15.06.20

Hello Year 1 children and grown - ups.


Take a look at the list of activities below to explore this week. You may choose which order you want to complete them in.


Log into your Charanga account and continue with the next activity. Remember to share your opinions on your class blog. Does anyone in your class have the same opinions as you?

Art / PSHE    

Create a family portrait. This is a picture of you and your family.
You may want to use colouring pencils, felt tips, crayons or paint.
Challenge – write 2-4 sentences to explain why your family is special to you. What do you all like to do together? Do you all have a favourite memory of a trip or holiday?


The Twirlywoos are off to the seaside but need help knowing what to pack for their trip. 
Watch the clip below. What have the Twirlywoos taken to the beach? What have they forgotten?

Write a list of all of the things that they will need to pack. You may want to draw pictures of the objects and label them. 


 The Twirlywoos are very tired after building all of their sandcastles. You need to design two deck chairs for them to sit on and rest.
A 2Do has been set on Purple Mash.



Spend around 20 minutes completing a form of exercise. You might choose to complete Mr Beaumont's weekly PE challenge.

You may want to share photos of you doing an activity of your choice on your class blog. Are you going on a walk? Have you been practicing a particular skill? Are you still doing your hobby through video calls?

Father's Day Activities


Take a look at the activities below. You may want to use them as templates or inspiration for your own creations.