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W.B 15.06.20

Hello Year 1


This week in maths we will be exploring and revising 2D shapes. There is a shape presentation below to refresh your knowledge and facts.


  • Complete the 'Name the 2D Shape' Quiz. Work through the quiz below. How many of the shapes can you name?


  • Pairs - a 2Do has been set on Purple Mash. Can you match the shape to it's name. You must remember where you have seen the matching cards to pair them together.


  • Complete the 'Properties of 2D Shapes' activity. Can you identify any other 2D shapes that haven't been listed?


  • Colour by Shape. Identify the shapes in the picture and match them to the correct colour. Challenge - Can you create your own picture using 2D shapes? A robot? A house? An animal?


  • Shape Hunt - Calling all detectives. Take a look around your home and find different shapes.