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W.B 15.06.20

Hello Year 1!


This week we are off under the sea to visit Starry Eyed Stan. Read the story below (PowerPoint Presentation) and explore the activities. Remember that you can complete the activities in any order.



  • Create speech bubbles for the characters. Choose and draw 3 characters from the story. What will they be saying?


  • Write a character description for Starry - Eyed Stan. Draw a picture of him and write 3 - 6 sentences about Stan. Remember to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives. Challenge... can you use conjunctions 'and' and 'because' in your sentences?


  • Comprehension Questions - Use the question sheet below to read and respond to the questions. Remember to use the story PowerPoint presentation to help you.


  • Wordsearch - complete the wordsearch and then choose 5 words from the list. In your neatest handwriting write 5 sentences using one of your chosen words. For example I like to listen to music in my bedroom.


  • Acrostic Poem - create an acrostic poem to describe an animal that you might find in the sea.  Remember that an acrostic poem has the word going down the side of the page and each line of your poem must begin with the letter on that line. You might want to write your poem or use the computer to type it.

Fins that sparkle in the water

In the deep blue ocean they live

Swimming around all day

Happy in the sea