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W.B 13.07.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown-Ups


Take a look at this week's English learning activities. You may choose to complete them in any order.


Question Writing


There is a special punctuation mark that must be used when writing questions…in your writing you must use the punctuation mark.


Write a list of questions that you may have about Year 2. You could ask some of these questions during your Meet the Teacher video call or in September at school.


Letter Writing


Write a letter to your new teacher telling them all about you.

You might want to tell them about your favourite lessons, your family, what you look like, your friends and what you would like to get even better at in Year 2.

You might want to post or email your letter to your new teacher.

Reading Comprehension


Read ‘The Camping Trip’ and respond to the questions. The pages get progressively more difficult – choose one or two to complete.

Answer pages are attached.


Remember to use the story to find the answers.



Can you find all of the words in the summer wordsearch? Choose 5 words to use in 5 different sentences. Remember to use your neatest handwriting.

Postcard Writing


Write a postcard to a friend or your Year 1 teacher telling them all about a special memory from Year 1. You might want to also tell them about some plans that you have for the Summer Holidays.