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W.B 13.07.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown-Ups,


Take a look at this week's topic learning activities and choose to complete them in any order.  



Doodle Art


Have a go at creating a doodle masterpiece! Using a black pen or crayon draw some doodles to fill the page. Using bright colours you need to colour in your shapes staying in the lines!




All About Me


Complete the ‘All about me’ sheet below for your new teachers and grown-ups in Year 2. You might want to also add pictures to your writing.




Log into you Charanga account and explore the activities. Aim to spend around 20 – 30 minutes on this.

Remember to share your opinions on your class blog.


Make a Sandwich


Can you make your own sandwich? What would you like to put in your sandwich? Which shape will you make your sandwich?


Draw and label a picture of your delicious sandwich.