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W.B 08.06.20

This week in English we are off to the jungle!


Look at the activities below and choose which order you would like to complete them in.


  • Read and enjoy the ‘Down in the Jungle’ song. In your neatest handwriting copy out your favourite parts of the song. Spend around 20 minutes on your writing. Can you draw a picture to match your favourite part of the song?


  • Create a fact file about an animal you would find in the jungle. Research an animal that you are interested in.


  • Write your own story about an adventure in the jungle. What will happen?


  • ‘In the Jungle’. Listen to the jungle music and use the picture to help you – what can you hear, see, smell, touch and taste in the jungle?


  • Read ‘Ronald the Rhino’ (PowerPoint below) and discuss with an adult what happened in the story. Create a front and write a blurb for this story.


  • Ronald the Rhino rhyming activity. Can you add anymore words to the list?
  • Create a mask for an animal that would be found in the jungle. Act out what the animal would do. 

Click on the link below for jungle sounds