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W.B 06.07.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown - Ups,


This week in maths we will be exploring time. If you were in school last week you may choose to explore time again or you can explore last week's maths activities in the '29.06.20' star.


Ordering Events


Cut out the images and identify when you do these things.


Challenge – Can you create some of your own pictures of things that you do that haven’t been identified.

Days of the Week


How many days of the week do you already know? How many days are in a week? Which days do we come to school? What day will it be tomorrow?


Watch the YouTube link below and then complete the ‘Days of the Week’ activity.


Months of the Year


How many months of the year do you already know? Which month are we now in? When is your birthday?


Watch the YouTube link below and then complete the ‘Months of the Year’ activity sheet.

Telling the Time to O’clock


Explore the PowerPoint presentation below and complete the activity sheet.

Timetable your Day


Create a timetable of your day. Write the times and draw pictures of what you do at each time of the day.


Eg: 7 o’clock Wake Up


Time Challenge Cards


Can you complete the challenge cards?