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W.B 06.07.20


Calling all creators!

 You need to design a new bag that you could use in Year 2 or take on adventures with you during the Summer Holidays.


Activity – To design a new backpack. You can choose to use the template below or create your own.


Reflection, think about some of your favourite memories from Year 1.


Activity – complete the memories activity sheet below. You can include memories from when you were at school or at home.


To find out about a famous inventor.

Think about an invention that interests you. Find out about the inventor and their invention.


Activity – create a poster / factfile all about the famous inventor and their invention.


Ideas: electricity, IPad, light bulb, telephone, car, bicycle, Disney films


Log into your Charanga account and continue to work through the activities.

Remember to share your opinions about the music that you have listened to on your class blog.