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WB 06-07-20

Friday 10th July


Spellings and SPaG activity

Thursday 9th July

WALT: write captions


Use the PowerPoint to refresh your understanding of captions. There's some funny photos to test your caption skills. Then you will need to add photos/pictures with captions to your non-chronological reports. 

Tuesday and Wednesday 

WALT: write a non-chronological report


Over the next few days, we will be writing our non-chronological reports. Remember to take your time and don't rush the reports.


Use all the research from topic and reading lessons to help you. 


You should also use your plans and research notes. 

Monday 6th July

WALT: plan a non-chronological report


Go through the PowerPoint to learn how to plan a non-chronological report. Then use a planning grid and your notes taken from last week to plan your non-chronological report on plastic pollution.