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Week of 06/04/20

Thursday 9th April

WALT: make an Easter card


Happy Easter Year 2! I really enjoyed making these cute cards and I hope you do too. I followed the video below to help me make my cards. Don't download the template, you can easily draw each part yourself. I didn’t have any googly eyes so I just cut the eyes out of card. You could also add any crafty bits you have around the house such as pom poms or cotton wool. Most importantly, don't forget to write a nice message inside. 



We’d love to see your cards so please take a photo and save them in your ‘My Work’ folders. Remember to write a quick message on your class blog to let your teacher know that they need to check your folder.

Tuesday 7th April
WALT: create modern Easter art


In art today we would like you to use the attached document to create some modern art. You can make it Easter themed if you would like or you can create a picture of something else.


If you cannot print the documents at home, do not worry, it is easy enough to draw your own.

The first step is to drawn an outline of the object of your could be a rabbit, an egg or even a flower.

Next, use a ruler to draw lines across in all directions. Once you have drawn these lines, you colour in the gaps. (Look at the attached example to help you.)


As always, we would love to see your work in your my work folder on Purple Mash.

Monday 6th April
WALT: understand and appreciate religious festivals and celebrations.


On the last Friday of term we learnt about the Christian celebration of Easter. We listened to the Easter story, made palm leaves out of newspaper, designed  cards and Easter baskets for our eggs. 

If you would like to watch and listen to the story again follow this BBC link


This year, 2020, the Jewish celebration of Passover is 8th – 16th April. People have feasts to remind them of events long ago. Can you think of special events in your life that you celebrate every year?

If you would like to learn about Passover follow this BBC link. Moses is in the story. Do you remember that he was the baby found in the river by the Egyptian princess, the Pharaoh’s daughter? He is grown up in this story.

You could draw, photograph or paint a picture of a special meal that you share with your family. (Maybe, a meal that you have helped to prepare!) 


If you do take any photos or draw any pictures, we would love to see them. You can submit these via the 'My Work'area of Purple Mash.