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Week of 06/04/20

Thursday 9th April
WALT: explore different habitats


Earlier this half term we used a text in English called ‘Sophie Scott goes South‘. This rap is about the Arctic and Antarctic. Spot the penguins! Maybe the same ones that Sophie saw.

In science today, I would like you to complete some research about polar habitats (The North or the South Pole). 

You could find out facts about the weather, who lives there or what animals live in that habitat.


We would love to hear some of the interesting facts you find out.

Wednesday 8th April
WALT: conduct a simple investigation


For science today, we would like you to conduct a simple experiment, which is explain in the image below. I have also attached a table to record your results if you wish. You could even get other members of your family involved to see if they agree with your findings.


If you want to try some alternative activities with your eyes closed you can but please make sure that you are keeping yourself.


As always we would love to see your learning, you can upload any pictures via the my work section in Purple Mash.