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Week of 06/04/20

Thursday 9th April
WALT: problem solve.


Today I have found a fun challenge for you to try and solve. Think about the different animals there could have been (the picture will help you) and also try to see if you can come up with all the possible solutions. The timestable knowledge you've been practising over the last couple of days will help you. Good Luck!

Wednesday 8th April
WALT: create your own multiplication board game.


After practising your 2x, 5x and 10x tables yesterday, today we would like to you create a simple board game using these. I have attached a set of board game templates you could use or you can draw your own (a very simple board, with spaces, a start and a finish).


Alternatively, you could make a game of matching pairs where you have the timestable question on one card and the answer on the other - you turn all the cards over and have to match to find the matching question and answer. The person who finds the most pairs, wins!


We would love to see some photos of your board games. You can submit these via the my work area on Purple Mash.

Tuesday 7th April
WALT: recall our timestables and use them to help us problem solve.


Learning your times tables off by heart is extremely important so today we would like you to practise your times tables on TTrockerstars  and/or Hit the button. 
Hit the button -


Then choose one of the challenges from the documents below.

You can submit your any photos or documents in to your my work folder on Purple Mash.

Monday 6th April
WALT: Use problem solving skills


Today we would like to you use your problem solving skills to investigate the problem below. There are a range of questions you could challenge yourself with.

Underneath I have also attached a document with all the UK coins.



Samuel has 5 coins in his pocket.


1 star challenge

You can use the same coins - for example 2p 2p 1p 1p 1p

What is the smallest amount of money he could have?

What is the largest amount of money he could have?


2 star challenge

This time all the coins must be different - for example 1p 2p 10p 5p 50p

What is the smallest amount of money he could have?

What is the largest amount of money he could have?


3 star challenge

All the coins must be different - for example 1p 2p 10p 5p 50p

Can you find all the possible combinations of coins?

How do you know you've got them all? Can you prove it?


You can send us a photo or document via your 'My work' section on Purple Mash.