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WB 06-04-20

Friday 10th April 2020


W.A.L.T Create a map.


Using all of the skills and knowledge that you now have about reading and creating maps; your task is to draw map for someone in your house to follow to find something that you have hidden! It might be an Easter egg, teddy, toy - it can be anything that you want to (and are allowed to) hide in your home or garden.

Remember to use symbols and a key on your map to help everyone who is following your map to find the hidden treasure!


Good luck! :) 

Thursday 9th April 2020


W.A.L.T Make an Easter card.


Activity - to make an Easter card (or a card of your own choosing) to give to / send to a family member or friend.

Below are some suggestions for your Easter cards that you may want to try or knowing how creative you are in Year 1 you probably have your own ideas! 


We would love to see photos on Purple Mash of your wonderful designs.


Remember to use your most beautiful handwriting inside your card.

Your message might say


To Mum and Dad


Happy Easter


Lots of love from

Miss Green 


Some ideas may include:

  • Creating finger print chicks.
  • Create a collage of an Easter egg, Christian Cross, flowers or animals.
  • Create animals by drawing around your hand. You could even create a bunch of daffodils.  
  • You could draw and design your own Easter eggs to cut out and stick onto the front of your card.
  • Create a chick using different shapes and sticking them all together. 
  • Instead of a card - could you create something related to Easter out of another crafting activity you may have? Hama Beads?

If you search online there are lots of wonderful designs and ideas for you too see and choose from.


We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful creations!


Wednesday 8th April 2020




W.A.L.T Know and identify different ways that Easter is celebrated. 


Activity - to find out about the celebration of Easter. 

Use the PowerPoint of information below to help you or you may want to do your own research. If you celebrate Easter, it would be lovely to know what special traditions you have. (Miss Green likes to have a roast dinner and eat lots of chocolate eggs!)

If you don't celebrate Easter, you may want to tell your teacher all about a celebration that is special to you and what you do to celebrate.


There is a template on Purple Mash in your '2Do' folder that you can use for recording your information or you may want to create your own on paper.

Draw images and label to show how Easter is celebrated.


3 facts about Easter and how it is celebrated.


5 facts about how Easter is celebrated.


Challenge - We would love to know about a celebration or festival that is special to you. What do you do to celebrate?

Spring has Sprung!

Tuesday 7th April 2020


W.A.L.T Use a media of our choice to create an image.


The sun is shining and the temperature is getting warmer. For art this week, we would like you to choose a media of your choice to create a beautiful spring picture. You may want to use paint, Purple Mash, collage, colouring pencils, crayons, felt tips, Hama beads - whatever you want to use. 


Take a look out of your window, sit in the garden or take photos on your 1 hour exercise time outside... what can you see? Do the trees look different now? Can you see different plants and flowers growing? Does the sky look different? Is there something that you like to do when the weather gets warmer like eat an ice cream or ride your bike? Miss Green likes to see all of the bright yellow daffodils swaying in the wind when she walks her dog.


Your picture can be of anything that reminds you of Spring.