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WB 06-04-20

Thursday 9th April

WALT: retell the Easter Story using a comic strip


First watch this clip about the Easter story

You can also have a look through the written version of the story below if you wish to.


Then you need to retell the story as a comic strip. You need to choose the key parts of the story and use words and pictures in your comic strip. 


Happy Easter Year 4!

Wednesday 8th April 

WALT Follow instructions carefully to create origami animals


Today, I have gathered lots of different origami tutorials for you to have a go at. Most of these have a spring theme and could be used as part of your Easter celebrations. On the first document, there are stars to indicate difficulty but have a look and choose which ones you would like to have a go at. The good thing about this artwork is that all you need is a piece of paper :) 

Monday 6th April

WALT Create a piece of artwork inspired by ‘the dot’