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WB 06-04-20


WALT Relate maths to real life


Today, I have uploaded a selection of real life maths activities for you to have a go at. It is completely up to you which ones you do and how much time/effort you put into them. These are from the White Rose Maths website - and there will be more uploaded throughout next week. So if you like them, have a look next week to see what others you can do.


WALT Make a fractions board game

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WALT Plan a fractions board game

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Arithmetic answers and working out

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You have been set a 2do on Purple Mash that is a Year 4 level arithmetic quiz. You can use a spare piece of paper to help work out your answers before submitting them to the quiz. Although you will get a score, later on today I will be uploading the answers on here with workings out to help you if there were any that you were unsure of.


Times tables

As you know, times tables are a massive focus in Year 4. I would like you to spend some time practising your times tables. You could use any of the links on or have a look at the activities on the pdf below. Once you have practised, you have a multiplication check 2do set (just the same as we do in school).