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WB 06-04-20

Thursday 9th April

WALT Perform a poem


I hope you have enjoyed practicing your performance poetry and have found a poem that you like. Today is the day for you to perform your poetry (unless you want to practise for another few days which is fine too). 

If you want to, you can video your performance or have somebody take a photo of you doing it but you do not have to. Any videos or photos can be uploaded to your 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash for us to see. 

There is an evaluation sheet for you to use to self-evaluate your performance and a section at the bottom for somebody else to let you know how fantastically you did. 


Have fun!

Wednesday 8th April

WALT Make predictions from an image.

Tuesday 7th April 

WALT Consider the skills of performing poetry

Still image for this video

Michael Rosen performance poetry videos


If you would like to explore some more of his videos, this is his YouTube page:

Monday 6th April 2020

WALT- Use dictionaries and thesauruses effectively.

Today you have a collection of different dictionary and thesaurus tasks and challenges to work on for English. Have a look through the PowerPoint to decide which tasks you would like to have a go at.