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WB 06-04-20

09.04.20 and 10.04.20


W.A.L.T Design, make and play our own game.


What's your favourite game to play? Is it snap, Bingo, Pairs, Dobble, Connect 4, Snakes and Ladders or maybe you have a very special board game that you like to play?


Activity: to design and make your own board game to play with your household. What are the rules of the game? Which maths skills will you need to use? How do you win? How many players can there be? Which shape counters are you going to use (if you need any)?

1. Design and think carefully about your game.

2. Create your board game.

3. Play your game and have lots of fun with your family! :) 


We would love to see pictures or photos of your game uploaded to Purple Mash.



W.A.L.T Add and subtract within 20 or 50.


As it is Well Being Wednesday; use this opportunity to apply your maths knowledge and enjoy some colouring.


Activity - choose one of the activities. Remember to challenge yourself, if you know how to make 20 then I would suggest solving number sentences up to 50. There is 100 square to help you or you may want to show your working out in different ways. 

When you are adding the number must get bigger and when you are subtracting the number must get smaller.


Methods to help:

*Counting forwards and backwards on the 100 square

*Counting forwards and backwards on a numberline

*Counters / objects

*Drawing small circles - crossing out for subtraction and drawing more for addition.

*Partitioning numbers into tens and ones Eg 12 + 23

(10 + 20) + (2+3) and add all together



W.A.L.T Go on a maths hunt and identify amounts.


Using what you found out about weight, capacity and length over the past few weeks - can you complete this activity? There are also some questions where you will need to use your science (properties of materials) and phonics knowledge (initial sounds).


Good luck and enjoy! :) 





W.A.L.T Recall and know our number bonds.


Activity - To write down and record as many ways as you can to make either 20, 30 or 50. Remember to challenge yourself - maybe afterwards you could even find ways of making 100! You can type your number sentences, write them on paper, use chalk, show your amounts in pictures or any other way that you can think of.


Time Challenge - ask an adult to make note of the time it took to find all of your number bonds.