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W.B 01.06.20

This week in English we would like you to choose a book from home to read. This could be your favourite story or one that you haven’t read yet. We would like you to read this book to someone. It could be someone in your household or a video call to a friend or family member. Below is a list of activities for you to choose to work through this week. You will need to use the skills that you have learnt over the past few weeks to help you.



  • Create a new front cover for your story. Challenge – write a blurb for your book. Remember that a blurb tells the reader a little bit about the story and should make them want to find out what happens!


  • Write questions that you would like to ask the characters in your story – remember to use question marks and our question words. Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? Challenge – can you answer the questions imagining that you are the character?



  • Create a story board / cartoon strip of your story using speech bubbles and exclamation marks.


  • Create a performance of your story. You could use the people in your household as the actors or use your teddies.



  • Create a book. Retell the story either as it is or can you make changes? Maybe you could change the setting, the problem or one of the character?


  • Character descriptions – choose two characters from your story and draw them. Label them using at least 5 adjectives.


  • Write a book review to share your opinions about the story that you chose.


There are templates below that you can use for some of these activities or as always feel free to create your own either on paper or on the computer.

We look forward to seeing your work uploaded on Purple Mash. smiley