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W.B 01.06.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown – Ups

Take a look at the table below which has all of this week’s activities listed. You can choose which day you would like to do the activities on. All of your activities can be posted onto Purple Mash for the Year 1 grown ups to see.



Draw or paint a portrait of someone special to you. This may be someone in your household or it could be a pet, friend or family member. You might want to show them your portrait of them over a videocall or post it to them.


What is a portrait? A portrait is just the face, head and shoulders of someone.


Log into your Charanga account and continue to work through the activities set.

Aim to spend around 20 – 30mins exploring the music.


Calling all Kings and Queens!


Imagine that you are either King or Queen for the day. What new rules would you make?

Design yourself a crown.


You can use the template below to design a crown and record your rules or you could make your own crown to wear.


Think about somewhere that you have visited before and really enjoyed. Was it a holiday in England or another country? Was it a beach? Was it a museum, zoo, theme park? Why was it a special place? What did you really enjoy?


Task – Draw a picture of the special place that you remember.

*Write 2 sentences about the special place that you visited. Try to use at least one adjective in your sentence.

**Write 3 sentences about the special place that you visited using adjectives.

***Write 5 sentences about the special place that you visited using adjectives and the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’.