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W.B 01.06.20

W.A.L.T Identify different properties of materials.


Hello Year 1 Scientists

In science we will be continuing to explore and investigate properties of different materials. You are all now detectives and will need to explore materials in your home thinking carefully about the properties of them to make sure that the material is suitable for the job it needs to do.


Discussion Points - Look at the questions below and talk about your ideas with a grown up Think about what we know about materials already.


What does properties of materials mean? 

Properties of materials means the way that materials feel, what they do, what they look like and what they are good for.


What would happen if we wore raincoats that were made from paper?


Would shoes made from bricks be a good idea? Why or why not?


If knives, forks and spoons were made from play dough would they be useful for eating our food with? Why or why not?


Task - Complete the materials scavenger hunt. You will need to find objects around your home investigating the different properties of the materials.