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W.B 01.06.20

Hello Year 1 children and Grown – Ups


This week in maths we will be continuing to explore numbers within 100. We will be: reading, writing and problem solving.

Look at the list of activities below. You can choose which order you do the activities in.


  • Complete the ‘Count, Read and Write’ activity sheet below. Find the missing numbers and solve the problems.
  • Use your knowledge of numbers within 100 to solve the 4 problems on the page.
  • Can you count to 100? How long did it take you?
  • Can you count backwards? From which number can you count backwards from?
  • Number bonds. How many different ways can you make 10? 20? 50? Can you make 100?
  • Can you match the numbers and the words? Use the activity sheet below.
  • Colour by number. Use your understanding of addition to find the totals. Remember to use your tens and one blocks to help you (you can draw these)