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WB 01.03.2021


This week you will be focusing on times tables - x2 x10 x5


2 Times Table

Lesson 1 

  • watch the videos
  • practice counting in 2's 
  • complete lesson 1 worksheet 

Count by 2s | Number Songs

Count in 2s | Homeschooling | Numberblocks

Lesson 2

  • go through the different activities on bbc bitezise.

  • play hit the button on the 2 times tables

  • complete lesson 2 worksheet 


This week you will be recapping your writing skills; writing a sentence with a full stop and a capital letter, use and, using verbs and adjectives and writing questions. 


Lesson 1 - use and 


Lesson 2 - write sentences


Lesson 3 - use adjectives and nouns


Lesson 4 - write questions