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Value of the Month

Values are central to our ethos and learning at Middleton Primary School. We have chosen a value of the month for each month, we hope that you will support us with talking about the value with your child.  

As with other values we want the children think about the choices they make and how by making the right choice we can all be successful.

Values for 2019-20























July - Mindfulness

With the academic year nearing an end, our value for July is Mindfulness, to focus and reflect on our positive achievements and interactions through the year and with the next year in mind. Friendship Day (July 30th) will also enable us to focus on being mindful of our words and actions in social situations, especially with transitions and our Year 6’s moving on from Middleton.


June - Tolerance

Our value for June is Tolerance; this value is closely linked to our previous value of Respect. For this, we will be celebrating differences in each other and around the world, learning to be open-minded and respecting each other’s different beliefs and faiths. Whilst not everyone agrees with each other’s views and opinions, tolerance is all about embracing and respecting these differences.


May - Positivity

Our Value of the Month for May is Positivity. We have a lot happening at Middleton this month, including SATs! This month will be focused on maintaining a positive and growth mind-set with our learning and our achievements.




April - Honesty 

Our Value of the Month for April is Honesty. Honesty is closely linked to our Values of Kindness and Respect. It is much more than “not lying” but also includes doing the right thing, even when it may be hard and to be honest about a situation. We will be learning about how to have integrity and using it in everyday life and how much value sincerity, trust and truthfulness have. 

March - Cooperation 

Our Value of the Month for March is Cooperation. During this month, there are numerous events which we will be partaking in with cooperation in mind. World Book Day (March 7th) and International Women’s Day are two events that we will be thinking about this month, both in lessons and outside of school. We will have a strong focus on why cooperation is important in everyday life. 

February - Kindness

We are fully into Spring Term now and we have been using our Mind to be Kind sessions to think about how we can recognise kind behaviours and how we can spread more kindness through the school and wider-world. With Valentine's Day, approaching, we will be discussing acts of good will as well as love and friendship across relationships and self-love.

January - Respect

Welcome back! For a new start to the New Year and Spring term, our value for January is 'Respect'. This is a crucial value and very much a part of our school ethos at Middleton; we will reflect on respective behaviours and attitudes and how we can develop this this term. This is closely linked to World Religion Day, which takes place this month, where children will be taught about the British Values of mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.


At home, you can discuss respectful behaviours inside and outside of school and whether they are similar or different and why this may be. To keep up to date with our values curriculum, follow class twitter pages or @PSHEMPS. 

December - Appreciation


Our value for December is Appreciation! With Christmas festivities and the season of giving happening, this month we will be focusing on everything we are grateful for and showing appreciation for the things and people in our lives, as well as ourselves.


Discuss and reflect at home upon the year so far and think of all the achievements and lessons to be appreciative for! 


November - Courage


Our Value of the Month for November is Courage. In lessons and during assemblies we will be learning about what this means and how we can ensure that we show courage. We will be linking our learning to courageous soldiers for Remembrance Day and linking our understanding to Anti-Bullying week (12th – 16th November). Please discuss the value of the month with your child at home and check class twitter accounts and PSHEMPS for updates on our Values learning. 

October - Ambition


What does ambition mean to you? This month, the children will be learning about ambitious individuals in Black History Month and will be setting their own goals for the year ahead. 


At home, you can discuss individual goals, challenges and ideas to do with school, home and extra-curricular activities. 


You can keep up with our exciting ambition lessons and activities through class twitter accounts, as well as the PSHE account @PSHEMPS.

Image result for responsibility picture for kids

September - Responibility

Our values curriculum is now in full swing for the new academic year and involves teaching the children through values across the year. Our value for September is ‘Responsibility’.


The children will learn the various definitions of this term and how being responsible is important in everyday life.


At school and home, the children will learn how responsible behaviours include demonstrating how to make good decisions and being accountable for our own behaviours, taking responsibility for our learning, being independent and proactive, taking responsibility for our new classrooms, our physical, mental and emotional health and caring for others.


Please could you discuss ‘Responsibility’ with children at home and explore ways to reinforce it. We will be sharing our values learning through the PSHE twitter @PSHEMPS if you would like to see all the exciting learning taking place around our school’s values.