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Value of the Month - (Tuesday)

Tuesday 26th January
WALT: understand why it is important to respect each others differences


Our Value of the Month for January is respect. Today we will focus on an important aspect of respect, respecting others and their differences. This is demonstrated really well in the fantastic story of 'The Bear and the Bees by Ella Richardson.' I have attached a video of the story for you to watch below.


The Bear and the Bees by Ella Richardson

Now watch the video below where an amazing little girl will talk to you about the importance of differences and why it is vital we celebrate them.

Respecting the differences between people

One star task

I would like you to think about how the bear would have been feeling in the story when the bees were telling him he didn't belong in their school because he wasn't the same as them. Use the sheet below or draw your own with a thought bubble to fill in. 

Two star task

Imagine you are the bear and write a diary about starting at Bee school. Below are some questions for you to think about:

How were you feeling before you went to start your new school?

How did you feel when the Bees said you didn't belong because you were different?

How did you feel when the Bees were laughing behind your back?

How was Guzzle feeling at the end of the story when the Bees decided they didn't all want to be the same anymore?


Below I've attached a template you can use for your diary but you can also type up your own version or write it on to paper you have at home.


Three star task

Plan your own story to show the importance of very being different and how to respect each others differences. You could base your could be about people or you can choose to base it on animals like the story we have listened to in this lesson.


I have attached a story board below where you can plan your story. After you've planned your story you can create the story on 2Create a story on Purple Mash. I've taken a screenshot of the icon below - you can also search for it in the Purple Mash search bar. Remember to save your story in your January 2021 Home Learning folder so that we can find it.