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Tuesday or Wednesday (PSHE)

Tuesday 7th July/Wednesday 8th July 2020

WALT discuss ways I can help my family


Your class live sessions this week are going to be PSHE lessons based on Not Now Bernard.


In the story, Bernard's parents are too busy to talk to Bernard because they are doing lots of jobs around the house. Sometimes it can be like that in our own houses. Before your live lesson, use the document below to help you think of ways that you can help around your house. The more you can do, the more time your adults may have to spend with you.


Link to value of the month - mindfulness

Many of the tasks that you can do to help your parents will allow you to have some quiet time by yourself, focussing on the moment.

Other things to think about before the live...

What activities do you like doing with your parents?

Is there anything that adults need to do on their own, that you can't help them with?

Why might it not be possible to always spend time together?