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Tuesday - Computing

Tuesday 2nd March

WALT Present information digitally



Today’s computing is a digital literacy lesson where you will need to use a computer, laptop or tablet to present information. If you have Microsoft office, you could use word, powerpoint or publisher. If you do not have Microsoft office, there are lots of alternative programs such as pages and sheets on apple, google docs, open office or you could use 2Publish or 2Publish plus on Purple mash which has a selection of templates that you can choose from.


You will be researching and presenting information about Fair Trade. There are a selection of websites, documents and videos below that you can use to find out information about Fairtrade.

Alternatively you could do your own search. If you are searching the internet, please be cautious about what you click on and inform an adult immediately if you come across something that you do not think is appropriate. You could use as a safer alternative to google.

Reading Comprehension. You can just read the information!