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WALT: measuring length using the unit metres (m)


If you missed today's live session or you need a little reminder, there is a very handy video as well as the ppt from the lesson below.

Length: Measuring in Metres

One star task

Find ten objects from around your house and draw/write them in to the table on the sheet. Do you think they are shorter than 1 metre or longer than 1 metre? Once you've completed this, you can measure the objects to see if you were correct.

Two star task

The two star task is explained on the document below.

Three Star task

Below I have attached a set of cm and m loop cards. You will need to print the cards (you can change the print setting to print four pages per page so you use less paper). Once they're printed you need to cut them out and match the cm to the correct m measurement. If you've got them all correct it should create a big loop.


If you cannot print (this is absolutely fine), then you can write down the cm/m measurements that match on a piece of paper.