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Tuesday 19th January

WALT: Plan a story with a change of heart


Today's live English lesson will be at 11:00am - please have a piece of paper and something to write with ready to take part in the lesson. 



You will be planning your story of someone that has a change of heart.


1 & 2 STAR

  • You have a pre -made planning worksheet. You can type into the word document by deleting the lines. 



Create your own planning structure including the following:

  • Beginning – characters & setting
  • Something new – who or what and how their first impressions.
  • Change of heart – what changed? How? How are they feeling now?
  • Consequence – their actions after the change of heart.
  • Ending – how are you going to end your story?

The Present - OFFICIAL

Powerpoint - for if you missed the live lesson (please also watch the video)