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Tuesday 7th July 2020

WALT use alternative words for said

CBeebies Step Inside - Not Now Bernard

When we read the story of Not Now Bernard, most sentences use the boring word 'said'. Today we are going to practise using alternative words (synonyms) for said. Use the synonym word mat to help you think of what to use in the sentence instead of said. When you use different words that mean the same as said, you get to tell the reader more information.


For example...

"Sit down," said Miss Brown.

"Sit down," shouted Miss Brown.


Using 'shouted' shows the kind of mood Miss Brown was in when she said sit down!

Draw 6 pictures into the comic strip from the story of Not Now Bernard. You can copy the pictures and sentences from the story but you have to change the word 'said'. We don't want to see any saids!



"Not now Bernard," yelped Dad.