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This is an alphabet challenge!

I will give you a theme and you need to think of an example for each letter of the alphabet. See how many you can get with a 5 minute timer. An adult can write your answers if you want them to.

An example...

Theme is Animals

A - ant

B - badger

C - cat

D - dog


Post your scores on the blog so we can see how you and your family get on.



1. Countries

2. Animals

3. Fruit and vegetables

4. Emotions or feelings

5. Hobbies


You can think of your own themes and you can reduce the time on the clock if you want to.


Holidays are a perfect time to learn how to cook and bake in the kitchen. This is good practise of everyday maths because you will be buying and measuring ingredients.


- Think of something that you would like to make and then find an easy recipe for it online.

- Write down the ingredients you will need.

- Go on an online food shopping website to find the ingredients and note down how much each item costs. How many different ways can you make the amounts?

- Make it and take a picture!



I have added this Joe Wicks healthy muffin recipe below if you wanted to try it.


Last week, you had a lesson about positivity (May's value of the month) where you listened to Happy, thought about the things that you were grateful for and watched Kid President's funny video.


For half term, we thought that this activity would be nice for you and your family to do.


Positivity jars

You will need 

  • an empty jar or container
  • pieces of paper (can be colourful)
  • pens and pencils 
  • other crafty bits to decorate


You can do it in different ways.

1. With the help from an adult, fill your jar with as many positive thoughts and messages (affirmations) that you can think of. These could be things like "you are loved", "you have made someone proud today" or "there is no one better to be than myself". 

Once you have done this, you can pick out one piece paper everyday and hopefully it will make you smile. Or you could give the completed jar to a friend as a positive present.


2. Make your jar look beautiful. Once a day, write down anything positive that has happened, that you've done, heard or seen. Soon your jar will be full of lovely little gems of happiness. At the end of the year you can look back on all of the positive things that have happened.

As I know lots of you love Koo Koo Kangaroo dances, here's the Positivity one below. Enjoy smiley