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Reading Activity

Whilst searching for activities for you to complete for VE Day, I came across this e-book! It's called 'Code-Cracking for Beginners'. Below I have typed out the blurb for you:


"Mum says it's for our own protection. London's just getting too dangerous."


It's 1941. Hitler's ruthless Luftwaffe has already started its deadly bombing raids across London. So, when cousins Sam and Lily are evacuated north to a sleepy seaside hamlet, they hope that they'll find safety. 


Instead, the two children encounter local hostility, a shifty character sending messages in a secretive code, and a treacherous plot.


Can Sam, Lily and their new friends crack the code before hundreds are killed?


Now this sounds good! I think this will create interest for quite a few of you!


Now for today's task, I would like you to use your inference skills to write in the speech bubbles to show what you think the characters are feeling or saying. When writing in speech, please make sure to use the correct punctuation (it's always good practice). Please see the link to the document below. You can write in the speech bubbles, or use your own stationary at home. 


I will leave the decision to read the whole text down to you. It's around 200 pages, but the chapters and size of the text is reasonable for a reader your age. If you would like to read it, you will need to download it from Twinkl. Unfortunately, the application file is not supported on the school website. So I have attached the link below for you to download it.  


I have also attach some other activities that are SPAG related, but these are optional.


Enjoy the activity and if you do decided to read the text, I would love to know your thoughts! Please post on the "SATs Week" blog. 


All the best

Miss Bird 

Let's go fly a kite - Miss King's activity!


You all know I love Disney and one of the greatest films is Mary Poppins (both of them). At the end of the first film they fly kites! 

Below shows you how to make a kite (it really is quite simple). Those of you who are creative could decorate it however you like. Enjoy flying your kites! Please share pictures on the blog or twitter.



Manga drawing with Mrs Lee 


A lot of you love drawing. Mrs Lee shows you step-by-step how to draw manga faces!