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Tuesday 2nd March

WALT spell the sound /s/ spelt c before e, i and y


Today we will be looking at one of the Year 2 spelling rules.

The sound /s/ can be spelt with 's' or 'ss' but when the sound comes before the vowels e, i or y then you use a c.

ce      ci      cy

For example:




Task 1 is a spelling quiz on Purple Mash.

If you want a challenge select the top button where you don’t get to look at the word first.



Task 2 is to complete at least one of your units on Spellzone.

We can see who has been on it and even know how long you were on it for!

Two Blackbirds were on it yesterday but Starlings were the winners as 5 children logged in.



Task 3 is optional but there are activities below based on today’s spelling rule.