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Friday 3rd April 2020


WALT: use a spreadsheet to investigate the probability of the results of throwing many dice.


You have been set a 2Do on Purple Mash for this activity. Everything you need to complete this activity will be on the power point presentation.


Read the instructions carefully! If you follow the instructions, then you will be able to complete the activity. 

Wednesday 1st April 2020




WALT: identify core beliefs of Sikhism and compare them to beliefs of Christianity.


To start learning about another religion, it's useful to compare it with one to one we are familiar with. 


Activity 1

Open the compare Sikhs and Christianity table and complete as much as you can on the Christianity side. If you can, ask someone at home to check the answers without looking at the Sikhism answers. 


Activity 2

Use the power point presentation to make notes on Sikhism to help you complete the other side of the table. There are also two videos for you to watch and make notes on too.


Activity 3

Complete the rest of the table and check answers.



Write a short paragraph explaining what Sikhism is using any facts from your notes that are not included in your table.

Monday 30th March 2020




WALT: understand and prepare coping mechanisms and strategies for different situation.


In the previous PSHE lesson, we were looking at how to keep our bodies healthy. But it is just as important to keep our minds healthy too. 


Work through the power point to complete the task. There is a task where you can share your ideas on Purple Mash. I have created a specific blog post for you to reply to, if you wish to share your ideas.


Your coping skills toolbox that you can make is for you. There is no expectation to share these, unless you would really like to!


Enjoy and hope you have a good day :)