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WALT investigate totals of 2-digit numbers


Please join Miss Brown for the live lesson at 10am. She will be introducing this investigation and showing you examples before you get to go off and explore for yourself. 

Live recording of lesson

Still image for this video
Thank you to you all for a successful maths lesson, sorry that I wasn't able to speak to you all. I hope that you enjoyed the calendar trick, show it to an adult and impress them with it!

Blank calendar


1. Draw a 4 x 4 square anywhere on a calendar

2. Add the number in the top left corner to the number in the bottom right corner

3. Double it

4. Circle a number then cross out all other numbers in the same column or row

5. Repeat step 4 three more times

6. Add the four circled numbers together

What do you notice?


Does it always happen?


Investigate other months and different numbers to find out.