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Thursday 11th June
WALT: Research a famous artist and appraise art


Over the next two days we are going to be looking at an interesting artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Below there is a PowerPoint you can use to find out some information about him and his artwork. It is quite brief on purpose because it would be brilliant if you could do some of your own research to find out a little bit more about him.

Now you have found out lots about our artist, I would like you to appraise a piece of his artwork. Remember appraise means to see what we like about the painting, what we don't like as well as how it makes us feel.


You can choose any of his paintings to appraise or you can use the one I have attached in the document below and the template attached to help you.

If you would like to show us any of the facts you found out or your appraisal of his artwork, you can upload your work to your my work folder on Purple Mash.