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Thursday 11th June

WALT – describe a character


Can you guess the answer to these riddles?


I like to swim on top of the water.  I have feathers and a beak.  I can fly.   I lay eggs.  I make a quack noise.


I live in cold places.  I have thick white fur. I look very cuddly but you wouldn’t want a hug from me!


One of these is Cupid
But it doesn’t have a bow
Instead it pulls a sleigh
Through the air and lands on snow


I like to use my long tongue
To eat leaves from tops of trees
I don’t have to climb up though
With my long neck it’s a breeze



Who is this? (clue - it’s a Beatrix Potter character)

I am very smart and handsome with a bushy tale. I have sandy whiskers and I’m very good at collecting feathers and reading newspapers. I love to eat roast duck with sage and onion!

Write a short description of one, or more, of these Beatrix Potter characters.



Here are the pictures as a document:


We use  adjectives  to describe something. Work through the activities in this ppt.