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Thursday 4th June

WALT Research and express the issue of plastic pollution


Today, you are going to be doing some research on the important issue of plastic pollution. There are a selection of documents, videos and links for you to have a look through to help to develop your understanding of plastic pollution. If you would like to start with a straight forward explanation of plastic pollution, use the Power Point first. 


I would then like you to choose an aspect of plastic pollution that you feel strongly about- such as the use of plastic straws or plastic bottles- and create a poster, leaflet, powerpoint, video, newpaper report or anything else you choose to education and persuade others to make changes to help the issue of plastic pollution. Alternatively, you might decide to create something about plastic pollution overall. 



Sir David Attenborough's plastic message - BBC

Kids Against Plastic - a talk for schools

Amy and Ella share their knowledge of the issues around single-use plastic, as well as some tips on how to become a 'kid against plastic'. Perfect for schools.