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WALT create a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon. 


Today you need to start off by reading the Epilogue at the end of How To Train Your Dragon. 


Then, we would like you to use your imagination to create your own sequel to the story: 

Mild - Use a piece of paper, fold it in half (see photo below) and then on one side create a front cover for the story and on the other write a blurb to entice the reader into reading the story. 

Spicy - complete the mild task but on the inside of your 'book' write a short summary of what happens in your sequel to the story. 


Hot - complete the spicy task and then pretend that you are meeting a publisher that is interested in publishing your story and film yourself 'pitching' your story to them. Use persuasive language to convince them to publish your book. Within your video make sure that you show the publisher the front cover, blurb and short summary inside your 'book'. Below we have provided examples of persuasive language that you could use within your pitch.