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WALT measure and compare volume


The PowerPoint from today's live lesson is below:



You have got two options for today's lesson. You can do it practically with jugs, containers and things in your kitchen or if you cannot do this, complete one of the worksheets on the document below.


Practical - before you complete the practical task, please ask an adults permission!


Choose 3 different containers (this could be a cereal bowl, a jar, a pan, a mixing bowl or even a yoghurt pot).


- Which container has the largest capacity?

- Put your containers in order of capacity - this could be from largest to smallest or smallest to largest.

- Then, using water or rice (or anything else you can find) - fill each container. You will need to have:

           - 1 a quarter full

           - 1 half full

           - 1 three quarters full




- How many mugs of water or rice does it take to fill each container?

- Does the tallest container always hold the most liquid?

- Can you write sentences about the volume of each container?


Take photos of your work and upload it to Purple Mash for us to see!


Written Task


If you cannot or don't want to do the practical task then have a look and select one of the starred tasks below: