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The kid from space

Thursday 14th May - Thursday 21st May 


Please read on to the end of the book. Next week is the last week so we will do a book review. 

Thursday 30th April - Thursday 7th May 


I am enjoying the book so far and want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next. How about you? What are the best parts so far? Do you think Ethan and Iggy are going to go in to space to rescue Tammy? What do you think will happen to Helly-ann?


Please read to page 126 this week

Thursday 23rd April - Thursday 30th April 


There is a discussion on purple mash talking about the book. 

Please read to page 80.

Thursday 9th April - Thursday 23rd April (You have 2 weeks this time because of the Easter break).


I know some of you are struggling to get hold of the book so those of you who have, please summarise what you have read so far and discuss on the blog. 

Thursday 2nd April - Thursday 9th April


Please read up to chapter 5 - enjoy!